TONY PERKINS 'From My Heart' (1958) In the mid '50s, Tony Perkins was trying to be everything at once. He was not only plying his trade as an actor, he was being groomed as a singer. His big break as Norman Bates in PSYCHO was a boon to his acting career, but it led to the end of his singing since many people still saw him as the sinister Bates, and not the sorta OK singer that he really was. Some of his recordings were pulled together for adults in the form of lush, pop albums. Others were more teen oriented and were set aside to be singles only. This is one of the former, and finds Tony recording not for his fans but for himself. Tony likes jazz and light pop and takes this opportunity to pull together some of his favorites straight from his heart. He's backed by Urbie Green and his orchestra. TRACK LISTING: The Kentuckian Song The Careless Years Taking A Chance On Love Saddle The Wind The More I See You Too Marvelous For Words Ole Buttermilk Sky Boy On A Dolphin Swinging On A Star Speak Low You Keep Coming Back Like A Song This Is My Lucky Day