Phil Harris has had more careers than you could shake a stick at. He has, of course, shaken a stick at one of the, as the baton-wielding band leader which led to his association with Jack Benny. But the band-leader bit was just part of what Phil Harris was up to.

He also cut a whole basket full of records that were fun, hip, Southern novelties. His singing style is basically sort of a rhythmic-talk coated with the glib tones of the circus barker. You might say he's the inventor of rap music, but that could get you beaten up. Woven through these tunes is a fascination with what might be called the pseudo-South. The totally imaginary, romantic view of the South as seen from Tin Pan Alley.


The Dark Town Poker Club
Woodman, Spare That Tree
That's What I Like About The South
The Preacher and the Bear
Deck Of Cards
Is It True What They Say About Dixie
The Thing
The Persian Kitten
St. James Infirmary
Muskrat Ramble
Row, Row, Row

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