Beach Boys 4 CD "Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7", featuring  session takes, overdubs  and masters from 1964, also titled "The Alternate Beach Boys Today Album Vol. 1". featuring the classic tracks She Knows Me Too Well, When I Grow Up, Guess I'm Dumb Kiss Me Baby, etc.  75 tracks in all on these four cds.   CDs are in excellent condition- no skips or scratches- plays perfect.  All original artwork included. This is the original CDs- not copies or CD-R versions.

Complete track listings:

Disc 1: 1-7: She Knows Me Too Well,  8-18: Don't Hurt My Little Sister

Disc 2: 1-14: When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)

Disc 3: 1-6: I'm So Young, 7-12: Guess I'm Dumb, 13-19: All Dressed Up for School, 20-23: Dance, Dance, Dance

Disc 4: 1-13: Dance, Dance, Dance, 14-20: Kiss Me Baby