An authoratative compendium of 50s and 60s American Tiki style.

After World War II, US soldiers stationed in the South Pacific returned home with tales of trees loaded with exotic fruits, sleepy lagoons, white-sand beaches, and gorgeous people wearing grass and feathers as they danced half-naked during all-night orgies of food and music. The American imagination seized on this exotic version of island culture, and it exerted a massive influence on fashion, pop music, eating and drinking, and even architecture. Everything from bars to bowling alleys adopted elements of Polynesian design.

Tikis, the carved wooden and stone statues from across the Pacific, found their way into every hotel lounge and suburban living room. But as the fad was reaching its peak, the big generation gap of the late 60s put a sudden end to Polynesian escapism as the children of the Tiki revelers decided to seek their own nirvana in sex, drugs and rock n' roll.

Recent years have seen a revitalized interest in this kitsch anomaly of post-war America -- lounge bars and the sounds of "exotica" are back in.

This enlightening and hilarious guide casts the reader as an "urban archaeologist" exploring the lost remnants of Tiki culture across the States discovering relics from this forgotten civilization in thrift stores, yard sales and used book and record emporia. A combination of nostalgia and fascinating pop cultural study, this volume is a long overdue investigation into the cult of the Tiki.

The Author: Sven A. Kirsten, born in Hamburg, having been conceived on a freighter of his grandfather's Hamburg-Chicago Line, followed the call of the big world and moved to California at age 25. After a brief stint at the San Francisco Art Institute he was admitted to the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He started shooting music videos in the late eighties for The Cramps, Tom Waits, Sergio Mendes and others. His big Hollywood movie credit as Director of Photography is "Mistress", with Robert De Niro and Martin Landau.

Through years of hunting down pieces of the puzzle of Polynesian Pop, Kirsten has developed a singular insight into the Cult of Tiki and has become the country's most eminent Tiki archaeologist.

Book is in like-new condition. Padded hardcover (8-1/2" x 10"), 287 pages, in color & b/w.

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